Ana M. Mason

Hello, I'm Ana. I'm a Bay Area raised Product Designer. I care deeply about storytelling and creating digital tools that help people tell their stories. I operate by Design Thinking and rely on hand-drawn wireframes, quick prototyping, and understanding people.

I have over six years of design experience from great internships, a scrappy Web Design role, freelancing, and a formative tenure as an in-house Designer. I'm currently working as a Product Design consultant.

I love: reading, writing, road cycling, yoga, and binge watching The X-Files.

I genuinely would love to chat about Design, tech, or fringe/sci-fi stuff, so reach out!


I built this website using Skeleton as a framework, and hand-coded it Sublime on my Macbook. Front-end is HTML5 and CSS3. Google Fonts hosts the typeface which is Lato.

The logo and homepage illustration were made by yours truly.